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The Simple Way To Save £1000’s

There is not a day that goes by where I don't see someone promoting a fancy new online course, or an E-book that Guarantee's to save you money. Do you know what they all have in common though?... you have to pay for them! Seems a little counter-intuitive to me. People are trying to SAVE… Continue reading The Simple Way To Save £1000’s

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5 Reasons Why Bigger Is Not Always Better

Everyone wants a big fancy house that they can show off to their friends, they see it as a badge of honour, a trophy for all their hard work. But, what few people seem to realise are the downsides of owning a HUGE property. If I had a penny for every time somebody asked me… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Bigger Is Not Always Better


One Month of Blogging

Today marks the one month anniversary of the Plan On Fire blog. *Loud applause for many minutes* Ok, let's get back to reality. A little over a month ago this blog was just a crazy idea in my head, and now a month later, it is a fully-fledged blog with readers and followers and everything!… Continue reading One Month of Blogging


Did Mr Money Mustache Cross the Line?

Today I am writing about a slightly unusual event regarding Mr Money Mustache. If you're sat there wondering 'Who the hell is that?'.... Where have you been? Without doubt, Mr Money Mustache, A.K.A Pete Adeney, is by far the most well known online personality when it comes to blogging about Personal Finance. Arguably, he is… Continue reading Did Mr Money Mustache Cross the Line?

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I Increased My Salary By 20% WITHOUT a Promotion

Everybody wants more money. No matter who you work for or what job your in, I'd bet that you feel you're underpaid and over-worked. Am I right? Well, that is the same position I found myself in around a year ago in mid-2019. I'd been working at the same telecoms company for 8 years, the… Continue reading I Increased My Salary By 20% WITHOUT a Promotion

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Monthly Income/Expense Report – June 2020

It's that time again, to round up the month's Income/Expenses and see how we did. As I alluded to on last months report, this is a post which will feature every month on the blog. The idea is it to keep track of EVERYTHING going in and out of our account, as I believe this… Continue reading Monthly Income/Expense Report – June 2020

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Premium Bonds – June 2020 Update

Today is Premium Bond Prize day.  If you missed my last post on Premium Bonds, I recommend you check that out HERE, before reading this one. I awoke this morning with the usual excitement and nervousness I get on Premium Bond Prize Day. Could today be the day I become a Millionaire? What would I… Continue reading Premium Bonds – June 2020 Update

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Premium Bonds…Are They Worth It?

Premium Bonds are without a doubt the UK's biggest savings product, with around 22 million people investing more than 86 Billion pounds between them, in the hope of winning one of the elusive, big money prizes. However, with the 'prize rate' set at just 1.4%, (which can be matched or even beaten by most regular,… Continue reading Premium Bonds…Are They Worth It?

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6 Simple Tips To Save On Your Energy Bills

Are you getting to the end of every month and finding there's just nothing left to save? If you are then your not alone, because according to the National Statistics more than a 1/3 third of Brits are not able to save money on a monthly basis, and 10% have no savings at all! So… Continue reading 6 Simple Tips To Save On Your Energy Bills

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The Magic of The Compound Effect

If I could choose only one concept that I would encourage everyone to research and understand, even at its most basic level, it would be The Compound Effect. Once you understand it's true power, nothing will seem out of reach for you. Recently, I re-read The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy just to refresh my… Continue reading The Magic of The Compound Effect