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Top 50 Motivational Money Quotes

Iconic quotes are big ideas, expressed in just a few simple words. I have always found quotes to be a great source of both motivation and inspiration. I truly believe that what we think affects how we feel and the actions we take, therefore if we want to feel successful and produce successful actions, we… Continue reading Top 50 Motivational Money Quotes

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I Increased My Salary By 20% WITHOUT a Promotion

Everybody wants more money. No matter who you work for or what job your in, I'd bet that you feel you're underpaid and over-worked. Am I right? Well, that is the same position I found myself in around a year ago in mid-2019. I'd been working at the same telecoms company for 8 years, the… Continue reading I Increased My Salary By 20% WITHOUT a Promotion


How Do You Define ‘Enough’?

At some point in your life, you have to decide to stop chasing things.People are constantly chasing more money, a promotion at work, a bigger house, a better car, more followers on Instagram etc. They never know when to stop. But for those of us on the path to FIRE, it is absolutely crucial that… Continue reading How Do You Define ‘Enough’?

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Master The Mind

There is very little in life more powerful than the Mind. It can lead you to the levels of success that many could only ever dream of, or it can shackle you to the deepest depths of despair. The mind is, without doubt, the greatest tool you have at your disposal, but it can also… Continue reading Master The Mind