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5 Reasons Why Bigger Is Not Always Better

Everyone wants a big fancy house that they can show off to their friends, they see it as a badge of honour, a trophy for all their hard work. But, what few people seem to realise are the downsides of owning a HUGE property. If I had a penny for every time somebody asked me… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Bigger Is Not Always Better

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We Bought Our First House!

As soon as I got my first job and started to earn my own money, back when I was just 16 years old, I set myself the goal of buying my own house. This is something I'd always dreamed of achieving, and now that I had my own money coming in, the possibility of it… Continue reading We Bought Our First House!

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I Increased My Salary By 20% WITHOUT a Promotion

Everybody wants more money. No matter who you work for or what job your in, I'd bet that you feel you're underpaid and over-worked. Am I right? Well, that is the same position I found myself in around a year ago in mid-2019. I'd been working at the same telecoms company for 8 years, the… Continue reading I Increased My Salary By 20% WITHOUT a Promotion

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The Magic of Mortgage Refinancing

For the majority of us, mortgage's are a burden we all must bear if we want to eventually own the home that we live in. For the average person, a mortgage lasts for 25 years, although this average is increasing all the time, and in the past 10 years, people choosing to take a mortgage… Continue reading The Magic of Mortgage Refinancing

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Monthly Income/Expense Report – June 2020

It's that time again, to round up the month's Income/Expenses and see how we did. As I alluded to on last months report, this is a post which will feature every month on the blog. The idea is it to keep track of EVERYTHING going in and out of our account, as I believe this… Continue reading Monthly Income/Expense Report – June 2020

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Premium Bonds – June 2020 Update

Today is Premium Bond Prize day.  If you missed my last post on Premium Bonds, I recommend you check that out HERE, before reading this one. I awoke this morning with the usual excitement and nervousness I get on Premium Bond Prize Day. Could today be the day I become a Millionaire? What would I… Continue reading Premium Bonds – June 2020 Update


Impulse Purchases Are Destroying Your Finances!

Who doesn't love the rush of adrenaline that comes with impulse buying?   Your walking round the store browsing, knowing you don't really need anything, but your having a little look anyway. Then all of a sudden... something appears in front of you.... a shiny new item you never knew you needed, but now you… Continue reading Impulse Purchases Are Destroying Your Finances!

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7 BIG Money Mistakes to AVOID!

  Let's be honest, when your young, you think you know everything. You have your whole life ahead of you, with the world at your feet, what could possibly go wrong? Well, for the majority, it all goes downhill incredibly quickly. Before they know it, they find themselves thousands in debt, with no savings in… Continue reading 7 BIG Money Mistakes to AVOID!

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Monthly Income/Expense Report – May 2020

When it comes to talking about money, especially personal finances, I find most people are very secretive and try not to reveal too much about their own situation. However, I  think if someone is going to try and take control of their finances, it is vital to be open and honest about what is coming… Continue reading Monthly Income/Expense Report – May 2020

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Premium Bonds…Are They Worth It?

Premium Bonds are without a doubt the UK's biggest savings product, with around 22 million people investing more than 86 Billion pounds between them, in the hope of winning one of the elusive, big money prizes. However, with the 'prize rate' set at just 1.4%, (which can be matched or even beaten by most regular,… Continue reading Premium Bonds…Are They Worth It?