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Master The Mind


There is very little in life more powerful than the Mind.

It can lead you to the levels of success that many could only ever dream of, or it can shackle you to the deepest depths of despair.

The mind is, without doubt, the greatest tool you have at your disposal, but it can also be your greatest weakness that you carry with you everywhere you go. What many do not realise is that your mindset is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It works along the same lines as The Law Of Attraction, meaning we all have the ability to attract whatever we want into our lives, good or bad, we simply need to focus on it using the mind, and it will eventually manifest itself into our reality.  This philosophy can be incredibly powerful for the optimist, who only focuses their mind on positivity and gratitude, however, it can have devastating effects on the pessimist, who has negative and defeatist thoughts constantly flowing through their mind.

Once you learn to control your mind and sculpt the thoughts within it, everything will feel as though it is within your reach. Wealth and success are directly linked to the mindset of the individual, therefore if you are someone who is trying to take control of your finance’s, and striving to achieve the end goal of Financial Independence, you must first learn to master the mind.


“Be the master of your mind, and the mentor of your thoughts”


There are two types of mindset’s that almost everyone will fall into:

Scarcity – This mindset is built around negativity, self-sabotage and fear. The fear of failure, the fear of missing out, the fear that you will never have enough. A person with this mindset will often say ‘I have no choice’ and believes life happens TO them.


Abundance – This mindset has you in the driver’s seat. It is built around empowerment, positivity, appreciating what you already have and being hopeful for what may come along in the future. A person with this mindset believes life happens FOR them.

If you were honest with yourself, which category would you fall into right now?

Let’s take a closer look at the Scarcity mindset. This is the person who tells themselves ‘I could never do that’, ‘I could never be that successful’, ‘I could never afford that’. With thoughts of this nature, they will find themselves never being able to do anything. If a person tells themselves ‘I could never afford that’, then guess what, they won’t ever be able to afford it. Mentally they have already lost that battle. They have already decided they can’t afford it, therefore make no effort to try to change the end result, meaning ultimately they end up not being about to afford it. Is this because they are afraid of the hard work it may take to be able to get themselves into the position of being able to afford the item? Or is it because they are scared that they might put a lot of effort into trying to afford the item, only to get halfway and fail?

The scarcity mindset breeds a lot of negative traits. Common traits that are easily visible are a lack of belief, narrow mindedness, being judgemental and being jealous of someone else’s achievements. People with this mindset are always looking at what they haven’t got as appose to what they have got. They will always look at a successful person and think ‘What lottery did they win?’, or ‘What get rich quick scheme did they use?’, rather than try to understand the hard work and effort that went into that individual’s success.


“The Mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible Master”


Another common trait is a lack of responsibility when it comes to their own failings. Have you ever heard someone who hasn’t got much money say ‘My family have never had much money’ ? or ‘I’v never been good with money’. This may be true, but it is also an excuse that the person is telling themselves to justify why they haven’t got much money at this point in their life. It’s not their fault they don’t have any money, it’s because their family has never had any money, or that nobody ever took the time to teach them how to manage their money properly. This way of thinking is simply a way of passing the blame for their own failings onto someone else, rather than accepting responsibility and taking action to rectify them.


However, as you may have guessed, the Abundance mindset is the complete opposite of everything detailed above.


“Master your mind and re-create your reality”


A person with the Abundance mindset will never tell themselves ‘I’ll never be able to afford that’ … instead, they will ask themselves ‘What do I need to do to be able to afford that?’. Rather than tell themselves ‘I could never be that successful’, they simply say ‘I wonder what I need to do to be that successful’ and they then take the necessary steps to find out and develop themselves further.

It is a subtle change of perspective, but MASSIVE in its ability to initiate action and create an on-going, positive ripple effect.

Instead of being feeling bitter and jealous about everything they don’t have, a person with the Abundance mindset will be grateful for everything that they do have.

No more dwelling on past failures, the abundance mindset will have them concentrating on growth and all the success that is to come in their future.

Instead of focusing on what is going wrong in their life, they will focus on what is going right.

They are aware that the only person that is responsible for everything they have and don’t have, is themselves, so if they feel something isn’t going quite right in their life, they know that only themselves can initiate the positive change needed to rectify the issue.

Rather than feeling like they have no choice in who they are, what they do or where they are in their life, this mindset will have them feeling like the possibilities for their life are limitless, and that the world truly is their oyster.

Can you see how powerful this thought process can be? Once you switch over into the Abundance mindset, there really can be no limits to what is possible. You will begin to visualise everything you want to achieve, and it will all start coming to fruition. Once you change the way you think about things, you start to feel different, more positive, energised and hopeful. These feelings allow you to take huge, meaningful actions towards achieving your goals, with a fearless attitude because failure is no longer an option. Finally, the results will be everything you hoped for and more, you will exude confidence and a sense of freedom that others will aspire to.

Remember, the way you Think affects how you Feel, and how you Feel affects the Actions you take, and the Actions you take directly affect the Results you end up with.

Ultimately, the chain of reactions that lead to the results, all stem from the way you Think. Therefore, if you want different results, you must learn to think differently.


“Master the mind, and you will master life itself”


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